Frequently Asked Questions

Will our content be secure? 

Yes, we realise that security is paramount and have put in place measures to provide a secure environment. Your content will sit on our secure server (the padlock that displays alongside the URL shows that the website is encrypted) and all users will require a username and password in order to enter the App. We take security extremely seriously and monitor our servers to ensure that your content is protected 24/7. Please visit our support pages for more details. 

How much will VOZ cost? 

VOZ's pricing model is based on a monthly pricing model.  Please contact us at and we will provide you with a price tailored to your requirements.

Can we integrate VOZ with our existing comms channels?

Yes VOZ can link to your existing intranet or other online depositories. Simply add an additional menu item that links directly to another site.

Do we need to supply staff with devices?

No, VOZ runs on your employees’ personal smartphones.

What type of content can I publish? 

VOZ lets you upload text, images, video, audio and links to existing documents or websites.

Who are we?

VOZ is the brainchild of Neil Whitehead and Jane Davidson. Neil has worked in PR and communications for 15 years.  He has managed campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest brands – everything from pasties and luxury hotels to ground-breaking money-saving smart phone apps and restaurant chains.  “l’ve spent years making sure my clients get great exposure, successfully promoting their brands to the masses.   I soon realised that internal communication, which is equally as important, was being overlooked… until now.  VOZ engages your staff - your ambassadors and the lifeblood of your business -  empowering them to buy into your brand and company culture.”

Jane is a learning and development professional who has specialised in digital content development for many years. Her particular passion and expertise lies in communicating with people, whether it be online, in print or face to face. “So many employees I speak to feel disengaged and disillusioned with the way their employers communicate – or don’t communicate! – with them in the workplace.  With almost everyone owning a smartphone, VOZ feels like the natural way to keep in touch and make employees feel involved”.